About Dr. Gareth Loy

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Dr. Loy has over 36 years of academic and professional experience in computer science, software development, embedded systems, networking, enterprise software systems, digital audio signal processing, and music technology. His doctorate is from Stanford, 1980, where he studied under John Chowning at the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics.

He has published widely in various juried journals, and has authored three books with the MIT Press, including Musimathcs, a two-volume introduction and reference to the mathematics of music.

He taught graduate and undergraduate courses in computer science and digital audio at UCSD for a decade, and cofounded the Computer Audio Research Laboratory there.

He has been Software Architect for consumer and professional products for large international electronics companies, and has sustained a long and successful career at the cutting edge of software development and design using multiprocessor/multi-core architectures to solve problems in signal processing and control systems.

Dr. Loy has over sixteen years of experience as an expert witness on numerous cases. He has testified before jury under oath, and has presented exhibits and Markman tutorials in Federal Court. Case types include patent litigation, trademark infringement, copyright litigation, and inequitable conduct. He has worked on complex international patent cases, and has provided expertise on such diverse areas as software for handheld networked Personal Information Management (PIM) devices, enterprise email systems, software for factory automation systems, SAP billing systems, interactive databases, computer enterprise software for management of music libraries, MPEG audio compression, on-line gaming, automatic music composition systems, digital camera hardware and software, digital audio hardware and software technologies, and more.

View Dr. Loy’s CV.

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